Waste Management

KIC continues to encourage responsible management of wastes. A number of projects managed by the Eco-Efficiency Committee address waste management issues. These include assessing the feasibility for a central resource recovery facility. In 2003, the Eco-Efficiency Committee initiated a study to identify strategic solid waste management issues and opportunities for the KIA. This study, which reviewed non-process solid waste generated within the area, found that:

  • 86% of respondents would support a KIA-wide solid waste program;
  • Recycling frequency is lowest for construction waste, personal protective equipment, packaging and printer-toner cartridges;
  • Separation at source is likely to be challenging for some KIC members and supported businesses.

The results of the above study highlighted the potential for the establishment of a non-process solid waste recovery facility, supported by an efficient collection service, to collect recyclable materials in the KIA.

The non-process solid waste resource recovery facility may collect materials such as pallets, drums, electrical items, conveyor belting, toner and printer cartridges and hard hats. This type of initiative can contribute to improving recycling and ensure companies continue to work towards a best practice level of waste management throughout the KIA. In addition, a recovery facility of this kind will assist in diverting waste to landfill whilst also supporting and encouraging the recycling industry.

This KIC initiative is consistent with the State's Strategic Direction for Waste Management, which supports waste management hierarchy, industrial ecology and product stewardship.

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