In its most basic form, synergy means cooperation or working together.  When synergy occurs, two or more agents or forces interact, making their combined effect greater than the sum of their individual effects.  The result could be new ideas, greater productivity, new products... the list is endless.

As defined by the US Business Council for Sustainable Development, By-Product Synergy (BPS) is about the "synergy among diverse industries, agriculture, and communities, resulting in profitable conversion of by-products and wastes to resources promoting sustainability."  BPS promotes a shift from a waste disposal system to a reuse methodology, saving energy and cutting emissions. The wastes may serve as raw materials for existing products or as the basis for an entirely new product.

The unique co-location of diverse heavy, support and infrastructure industries in the Kwinana Industrial Area (KIA) provides a strong foundation for the identification and development of synergy opportunities.  The KIA is referred to as the world's best practice example of industrial symbiosis at work.  

Existing Synergies

  • Existing Synergy Examples (download attachment below)
  • Industrial Reuse of By-product - Reuse of Gypsum from CSBP to Alcoa (download attachment below)
  • Kwinana Water Reclamation Plant (download attachment below)

Continued Identification of Synergies
The Kwinana Industries Council is contributing to identifying further synergies (Synergy: the potential ability for individuals or groups to be more successful working together than on their own).

People talk about synergies as product and by-products.  There are also two more kinds:  the 'human resource' synergy; and the 'secondary industry' synergy.

The ‘human resource’ synergy refers to the 30,000 highly skilled and experienced workers employed in the industrial area. Two thirds of these workers live locally, and choose to work here rather than away, and they will move between companies. When a new company builds its plant, it will more than likely attract workers from within the local area. The new company starts up with experienced employees.

The third synergy is the ‘secondary industry’ . Surrounding our industrial area is a belt of companies that exist to service the nearby major industries. These are the expert fabricators, constructors and equipment maintainers. There is a strategic advantage in having these secondary companies present because aside from being on industry’s doorstep, they deliver top quality local content products and services.  



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