Marine Water Quality

Cockburn Sound, located 20 kilometres south of Fremantle Inner Harbour, is the most intensively used marine environment in Western Australia.

It is a significant State asset in economic, environmental and social terms.

The sheltered waters of the Sound are popular for fishing and more than 12,000 recreational boating trips are recorded annually. The Sound is also used for commercial fishing, with more than 130 species of fish and 14 crustacean and mollusc species found in various habitats, as well as aquaculture operations involving mussel farming.

Yet the Sound is also a vital part of a major industrial area because it supports extensive port facilities, a strategic national naval base and marine maintenance shipyards.

The multiple uses of the Sound are expected to increase in the near future, contributing further to the West Australian lifestyle and economy. Preserving a healthy marine ecosystem in Cockburn Sound therefore demands careful environmental management and planning by all users including industry, State Government and the community.

The Kwinana Industries Council (KIC) and its member companies are committed to ensuring a healthy Cockburn Sound marine ecosystem that can be enjoyed by people, whilst supporting the growth of Western Australia. This is reinforced by KIC's membership on the Cockburn Sound Management Council.

The KIC is committed to the sustainable development of Cockburn Sound by balancing the economic, environmental and social progress of the area.

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