Community Overview

A key goal of the Kwinana Industries Council is to maintain and enhance the community environment to the benefit of both the community and industry.

Our aim is to build enduring relationships with our neighbours that are based on mutual respect and long-term commitment.

To achieve this, it is vital that the KIC understands the issues that are important to our neighbours and that our neighbours have an understanding of what is important to the KIC, via meaningful engagement with the community and other stakeholders.

It is also essential that KIC forms active partnerships to achieve mutual objectives with the community and other stakeholders including:

  • local community groups;
  • local community leaders; and,
  • local, State and Federal Government representatives.

It is through consultation, research, industry tours, industry and community forums, and dissemination of information about our members and their business, which the KIC endeavours to develop a shared understanding with the community.

The KIC is committed to positive and socially responsible action to help the community through:

  • sponsorship;
  • data collection and comparability to better appreciate and present industries' performance;
  • conducting research aimed at a better understanding of the interaction of industry activities and the local community;
  • maximising transparency consistent with good governance and commercial confidentiality.
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