Promoting and contributing to the sustainable co-existence of the Kwinana Industry, the Community and the Environment.

KIC Executive

KIC Executive

  • David Honey (Alcoa) - President
  • Des Gillen (BP Refinery) - Vice President
  • Albert Romano (CSBP) - Vice President
  • Grant Lukey (Coogee Chemicals) - Casual Director

KIC Committee Chairs

  • Kelly Kent (BP Refinery) - Chair of Public Affairs Group
  • Trevor Naughton (WesCEF) - Chair of Environment & Planning Committee
  • Bob Gregorovich (CSBP) - Chair of Public Safety Group
  • Richard Collett (Fremantle Ports) - Chair of Workforce & Education Committee

KIC Staff

  • Chris Oughton - Director
  • Yvonne Martin-Noack - Executive Assistant
  • Debbie Hoey - Education Development Officer


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