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Kwinana Industries Mutual Aid (KIMA)

What is KIMA?
The Kwinana Industries Mutual Aid (KIMA) committee is a voluntary working group of technical specialists from the Kwinana Industries Council (KIC) member companies who share emergency response expertise, manpower and resources in the event of a major emergency.

KIMA comprises KIC's full member companies who are subject to the Explosives and Dangerous Goods regulations and require a Total Hazard Control Plan.

Established in 1990, KIMA ensures that adjacent sites receive early warning of an emergency which may impact upon their site.

When is KIMA Used?
All incidents within a site are attended to initially by the Member concerned, using in-house expertise and emergency response equipment available at or near the site. All KIC Member industries hold sufficient equipment and have trained emergency response personnel to cope with foreseeable incidents that may occur on their site.

The KIMA plan is activated when an incident is beyond the capability of the Member concerned or when the incident will affect other industries.

Key Elements of the KIMA Programme

Emergency Assistance Agreement
All KIMA members have signed an agreement which commits them to maintain their own emergency response capability and to provide assistance to other companies if required.

Inter-industry Radio Communications and Training
An emergency radio communication system between Kwinana industries has been established specifically for use by KIMA member companies. This is tested frequently.

Emergency Access Routes and Signage
Clearly signposted emergency access routes link KIMA member companies to provide easy access during emergencies.

KIMA Resource Manual
Each KIMA member company has copies of the KIMA Resource Manual. This manual provides information on how KIMA works and has details of the emergency response equipment owned by each company.


The Kwinana Industries Council was named 1994 Safety Manager of the Year for excellence in developing and administering the KIMA Safety Management Systems.  On making the award, the Safety Institute of (Western) Australia said:

"The KIMA system in an outstanding achievement in occupational health and safety and demonstrates a genuine commitment to protecting the Australian workforce."

Management of KIMA

KIMA members meet quarterly and are directly involved in the maintenance and continual improvement of the KIMA plan and Resource Manual.  The KIC administers KIMA.

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