Promoting and contributing to the sustainable co-existence of the Kwinana Industry, the Community and the Environment.

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The Kwinana Industries Council (KIC) is an incorporated business association with membership drawn from the Kwinana Industrial Area (KIA). It is the premier industrial estate in Western Australia, covering an area approximately 8km north-south and 2km east-west, on the eastern side of Cockburn Sound some 30km south of the Perth CBD.

Current membership is 9 full members, who include all the major industries, and 25 associate members covering the support and service sectors.

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The KIC was established in 1991 with its primary goals being;

  • To promote a positive image of Kwinana industries;
  • To work towards the long-term viability of Kwinana industry;
  • To coordinate a range of intra-industry activities including water quality, air quality, monitoring and emergency management;
  • To highlight the contribution Kwinana industry makes to community; and
  • To liaise effectively with local communities, Government and Government agencies.

The KIC is almost unique in Australia and pursues its goals through the sponsorship of a range of committees set up to provide input on a range of issues of common interest to the member companies. Committee members are volunteers of appropriate experience and authority from the staff of the member companies. The output from the various committee activities is then used as the basis for communication to the KIC's stakeholders so that Kwinana industry is seen as speaking with one voice.

The KIC seeks to achieve its goals by focusing on developing and employing leading edge technology; giving workplace health and safety top priority; taking a committed, responsible and pro-active approach to environmental protection; and forging a two-way partnership with the local community.

The companies in the Kwinana Industrial Area:

  • Are a major source of revenue for the state and Australian economies with direct sales of $8.51 billion per annum;
  • Have a total factor income (sum of wages, salaries and gross margin before tax or depreciation) of $2,995 million;
  • Have an annual output worth $15.77 billion;
  • Employ over 4,800 people, over 60% of whom live locally;
  • Provide indirect employment to around 26,000 people;
  • Provide a wide range of employee services;
  • Have identified plans for capital expenditure of more than $2,560 million over the next 10 years;
  • Actively partner in local community activities, providing financial support and time for employee volunteering; and
  • Support independent research to validate their own high standards and strict code of self-regulation, on health, safety and environmental issues.

In order for the benefits of industry to be retained, the businesses concerned must have a sustainable future. Such a future must allow for new investment in the KIA to be allowed to continue so that businesses can grow. At the same time, industry has a responsibility to the community to conserve the environment for current and future generations of Western Australians.

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