Promoting and contributing to the sustainable co-existence of the Kwinana Industry, the Community and the Environment.


KIC is committed to environmental leadership instilling the highest environmental values in all our members, thus becoming the benchmark for others both locally and nationally to emulate. To achieve this vision and ensure its sustainability for the long term, KIC will focus on excellence in environmental performance, build social leadership through community partnerships and demonstrate positive economic benefits through innovative environmental practices.


A key goal of the KIC is to maintain and enhance the community environment to the benefit of both the community and industry. Our aim is to build enduring relationships with our neighbours that are based on mutual respect and long-term commitment.


Kwinana industry is a major contributor to the success of Western Australia at national and international level. The relationship between Kwinana industry and the local community is strengthened by a shared environment and a desire to be good neighbours. Effectively balancing the needs of the community, industry and the environment makes Kwinana unique in the metropolitan area.


The KIA is facing the strong possibility that it will experience an absolute shortage of labour in the near future. Statistical predictions indicate that in the absence of measures to grow the workforce sufficiently, it is estimated that there will be a shortfall of 3,500 workers in Kwinana by 2018... KIC Strategic Workforce Plan 2008.

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